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About The LOOK at Home

The Look at Home is Australia's number one 'go to' place for furniture, decorative accessories, French designer door mats, regular doormats,large doormats, wall art, table lamps, lighting, mirrors and homewares for home decoration. Create a perfect and lasting first impression with stunning furniture and accessories to make your house feel like your home.

The Look at Home is an exciting business, selling quality tables, chairs, furniture and decorating accessories across a broad range of Decorating Styles.  The Look at Home was launched in early 2009.  Having spent 19 years in the retailing of furniture – new furniture,antique furniture and decorative homewares; and with skills of furniture placement and decorating, The Look at Home was created by Lorraine.

The Look at Home also has all the care products for the extended life of your investment; whether it be a leather modular sofa, fabric sofa,timber table, entertainment units, outdoor furniture and granite benchtops. The business also has thought about your flooring and walls,as we have furniture feet floor protectors for chairs and felt protection for your walls where frames rest.

Our logo is an image of a house with a red door and a chimney on the roof with tiny little red hearts coming out of the chimney representing smoke, twirling up into the atmosphere from a home filled with love.  The home is filled with warm comfortable furniture and decorative accessories, place thoughtfully and carefully to give this house a heart pulsating filled with love. Created by the person who lives in the home with the help of The Look at Home.

Do you have the LOOK at your home?



About the Director:

Lorraine has over 20+ years experience in the furniture and furnishing industries, her expertise has evolved from working in many areas of the industry; from on the floor retails salesperson to sales management, purchasing and customer service in several industry businesses. She has been a top achieving sales person and manager and has now chosen to use her experience to benefit all of us lacking the time and experience to do justice decorating our own homes. She has knowledge on all top Luxury named Brands and has expertise in finding solutions to your furniture requirements.

With her vast  experience Lorraine's expertise in furnishing products enables her to not only keep on top of trends about design, colour, moods, feel and impact that furniture and furnishings can bring to a house but express her own fabulous ideas and artistic flair being a very good painter and photographer. The painting below is one of her lovely creations. If you are stuck for ideas send her an email

Lorraine has a large range of contacts in the furniture wholesale and manufacturing industry and if you have any specific needs she can surely find the product or similar for you. She also understands the financial and budgeting constraints of the normal household having bought up a family of 3 children and how modern striking decorating results can be achieved with a moderate investment in good products at   Lorraine has faced many challenges in life and one of her greatest being diagnosed with a Rare Myeloid Neoplasm (MPN) which is managed with a regular dose of chemotheraphy. Her approach to a new life has been to change her lifestyle due to her new outlook on life.  And so began The LOOK at Home - to maintain an income stream with the advantage of helping others achieve their goals with decorating.

Lorraine's interest and experience in toys sales is also close to her heart with Grandchildren arriving into her life. The consolidation of two websites into the Look at Home has now made way for children and their needs.



Field Poppy's by Lorraine

We assist charities

The Look at Home team are proud supporters of the Leukaemia Foundation. 

The Leukaemia Foundation is the only national not-for-profit, non-government funded organisation dedicated to the care and cure of patients and families living with leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and related blood disorders. We assist by providing a range of support services at no charge directly to blood cancer patients and their families. 

Leukaemia Foundation
Ground floor, 205 Bell Street
Preston VIC 3072

P:1800 620 420

Lorraine has friends with Myeloproliferative Neoplasm, a Rare Cancer, and as such is involved in giving to others and the organisations that help fellow sufferers of Leukemia and related blood disorders.
If you would like to help them contact details are on the Home page. Hit the link and it will take you to The Leukaemia Foundation page to donate.

Anything you give will be gratefully appreciated.