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The Look: at home helps you create your dreams with the individuality that is you. There is no one retailer that has unlimited floor space or budget to present a showroom like the internet can.  There are no restrictions on space or budget to provide an enormous range of the latest products, trends and designs.

The Look: at home enables you to access individual decorative items at your own leisure in the comfort of your own home.  Just think about the cost in time and petrol travelling in and out of shops often without success to try and source quality pieces that offer a point of difference. If you live in a remote area of Australia, this makes shopping even harder. Doesn't it make sense to shop from the comfort of your own home and order lighting, artwork, furniture and accessories all from the one convenient location?  We are Australian owned and operated business with your interests in mind.

Many of The Look: at home’s products are sourced extensively and some are unique to the internet.  Whether you are buying a cushion, lamp or furnishing and decorating a complete room, your business is valued.  The difference is experiencing the adventure of enhancing your own space at home whilst looking at the item and visually creating your home environment.

Whether you are looking for a themed scheme in your room or that one piece to make a statement and complete the room ~ it is here on The Look: at home.

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